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Do you know what to expect when your business files Chapter 11 bankruptcy? Part 3: Are all the key members or shareholders on board with filing bankruptcy?

October 16th, 2017  | Bankruptcy  | Business

If there is more than one owner in a company that may be a candidate for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, a majority in voting interests must approve bankruptcy as a the right course of action. Business owners should discuss the needs for restructuring with all owners if possible but most importantly, with all owners who have the voting power to authorize a bankruptcy filing for the company. After an initial consultation among an attorney and one or a few of the owners contemplating a Chapter 11 bankruptcy for a company, it is important to bring everyone to meet with the company’s bankruptcy lawyer to discuss the reason Chapter 11 is necessary, to thoroughly explain the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, to answer questions of all of the owners, to secure the necessary agreement or resolution among the owners to authorize the filing of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy case and to appoint an owner or key employee to regularly communicate with the bankruptcy attorney and at the attorney’s instruction and advice, perform the company’s duties in bankruptcy court.


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