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Chapter 11 business basics: Part 2: Have you hired your own attorney to represent you during your company’s Chapter 11?

October 13th, 2017  | Bankruptcy  | Business

It is important for business owners to understand that the attorney that files bankruptcy for the company is not the owners’ personal attorney. While the bankruptcy attorney may keep the owners’ goals for the business in mind while preparing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and a Chapter 11 plan, sometimes there are conflicts of interest that prevent the company’s bankruptcy attorney from pursuing or declining certain courses of action. Business owners need to select their own counsel to help navigate the process behind the scenes – the owner’s attorney may not need to be an active participant in the company’s bankruptcy but business owners should have an attorney independent of the company’s bankruptcy attorney to help each owner at critical steps in the bankruptcy process. It is important that your company’s bankruptcy attorney highlights this important separation of the business interests and owner’s interests for the company’s owners. The company’s attorney may be able to assist in making referrals for personal bankruptcy counsel based on his or her experience with colleagues who would be the right fit.


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